What’S Another Name For Waves?

What is another name for a primary wave?

The name P-wave can stand for either pressure wave (as it is formed from alternating compressions and rarefactions) or primary wave (as it has high velocity and is therefore the first wave to be recorded by a seismograph)..

What are the 7 types of waves?

Though the sciences generally classify EM waves into seven basic types, all are manifestations of the same phenomenon.Radio Waves: Instant Communication. … Microwaves: Data and Heat. … Infrared Waves: Invisible Heat. … Visible Light Rays. … Ultraviolet Waves: Energetic Light. … X-rays: Penetrating Radiation. … Gamma Rays: Nuclear Energy.

What is the largest wave ever recorded?

100 feet highAn earthquake followed by a landslide in 1958 in Alaska’s Lituya Bay generated a wave 100 feet high, the tallest tsunami ever documented. When the wave ran ashore, it snapped trees 1,700 feet upslope.

What means wave?

(Entry 1 of 3) intransitive verb. 1 : to motion with the hands or with something held in them in signal or salute. 2 : to float, play, or shake in an air current : move loosely to and fro : flutter flags waving in the breeze.

What does compressional mean?

: a longitudinal wave (such as a sound wave) propagated by the elastic compression of the medium. — called also compression wave.

What is another name for light physics?

electromagnetic energyAnother name for light energy is electromagnetic energy. Light is an electromagnetic wave, which means it has two wave fronts. One is an oscillating…

What are 5 types of waves?

Following are the different types of electromagnetic waves:Microwaves.X-ray.Radio waves.Ultraviolet waves.

What is another word for waves?

What is another word for wave?surgefloodrushtidecurrentgroundswellripplerisespatestream119 more rows

What’s another name for a light wave?

In physics however, the term light waves tends to be used as a synonym for electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are made of oscillating magnetic and electric fields and, like all waves, they carry energy. There are many types of electromagnetic waves.

What is another name for a shock wave?

What is another word for shock wave?agitationshudderstarttremblingtremor

What do you call a giant wave?

tsunami. noun. a very large wave or series of waves caused when something such as an earthquake moves a large quantity of water in the sea.