What Is Yours But Everyone Else Uses It?

What is always in front of you but can’t be seen?

Answer: Air can be the answer..

What has teeth but Cannot eat?

Explanation: As per the riddle, a comb has teeth but it can’t bite. Other inanimate objects with teeth like a saw, zipper, or gear can bite you. Hence comb is the right answer.

What has many keys but can’t open a single lock?

The piano is the musical instrument which is invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1770. The Piano has many keys but it can’t open a single lock.

What do you break before you use it?

it’s a simple riddle . Answer of the riddle is Egg. As we break the egg before using it .

What is hard to get but easy to lose?

The Brainliest Answer! MONEY – Money is the thing we hardly brings it after working hard and it hardly comes but if we spent it uselessly then , it’s easy to lose .

What’s more useful when it is broken?

Riddle: What is more useful when it is broken? Answer: An egg.

What is black when you buy it red?

Coal! The answer of this riddle is Charcoal, which is black when we buy it or when not being used. It gets red in appearance when put in use means to say when burning. And eventually when it’s been consumed by fire or after getting burned out or used up, changes into ashes which look grey in color.

What can break without touching it?

What can you break but not touch? A promise. A promise.

What can fly without wings?

The answer to the “what flies without wings” riddle is “time”.

What has lots of eyes but Cannot see?

The answer to the “what has an eye but cannot see” riddle is a needle.

What is dark but is made by light?

The answer of this riddle is ‘shadow. ‘ Shadow is the dark portion of a particular surface where light is not falling due to some obstructions. So we can say that the shadow is darkness which is indirectly created by the light.

Can you write cow in 13 letters?

So you can write “COW” in 13 Letters as “SEE-O-DOUBLEYOU”.

What can run but can’t walk?

All vehicles, cycles, motorcycles, scooters, cars, bus, trucks, trains, etc. can run but can’t walk. Aeroplanes can run and fly but can’t walk.

What has a neck but no head?

Riddle: What has a neck but no head? Answer: A bottle.

What is the smallest room in the world?

Based on my understanding of the question and my knowledge, I would say the answer should be “mushroom”. It should be the smallest room in the world as no room can be built smaller than a mushroom.

What is yours but is used much more often by your friends?

Question: What is yours, but is used much more often by your friends? Answer: Your name.

What gets bigger the more you take away?

The answer to this riddle is just one word. The correct answer is ‘HOLE’. A hole in any kind of substance, may it be cloth, wall, wood or anything else, will only get bigger and bigger if you keep taking away more from it.

What do we buy eat but never eat?

The answer is – plates, forks, knives, etc. We buy them to eat but don’t eat them.

What is full of holes but still holds water?

So, what is full of holes but still holds water? The answer is a sponge!

What can you keep after giving someone?

The answer to the riddle “something you can keep after giving it to someone else” most commonly refers to “your word.” The English idiom “keeping your word” means to keep a promise made verbally to someone else. … “Keeping your word” can have legal connotations with regards to a contract.

What will die if it drinks?

If I drink, I die, if I eat, I’m fine. What am I? Answer: Fire!

What has many teeth but can’t bite?

What has teeth but can’t bite? A comb. Other inanimate objects with teeth like a saw, zipper or a gear can “bite” you.

What has four legs but Cannot walk?

I think the answer is Chair.

What does everyone in the world do at the same time?

Right now everyone in the world, no matter where they are, is doing the exactly same thing. What is it? Getting older.

What question can you never answer yes to?

Share This Riddle Question: What is the only question you can’t answer yes to? Answer: Are you dead? (assuming you are dead) Every other question you can answer ‘yes’ even if you are wrong.

What is white when it’s dirty?

What is black when it’s clean and white when it’s dirty? A chalkboard (or blackboard). It’s solid black when clean, and as you write on it with white chalk it becomes dirty. A chalkboard (or blackboard).

What has 13 hearts but no organs?

The answer to What has 13 hearts, but no other organ Riddle is “A Deck of Cards”.

What room no one can enter?

What’s the only room from which no one can enter or leave? A mushroom.

What goes up and never comes down?

There is a very common riddle on Rain that it comes down but never goes up. But the one that goes up and never comes down can be a person’s age. Another common answer is a person’s height. Heat and smoke are also accurate answers for what goes up and never comes down, due to the fact that heat rises.