Quick Answer: Is Rice Farming Intensive Or Extensive?

What crops are grown in intensive farming?

ExamplesWheat (modern management techniques)Maize (mechanical harvesting)Soybean (genetic modification)Tomato (hydroponics).

What is another name for intensive farming?

Intensive agriculture, also known as intensive farming (as opposed to extensive farming) and industrial agriculture, is a type of agriculture, both of crop plants and of animals, with higher levels of input and output per cubic unit of agricultural land area.

Is grain farming intensive or extensive?

Extensive farming most commonly means raising sheep and cattle in areas with low agricultural productivity, but includes large-scale growing of wheat, barley, cooking oils and other grain crops in areas like the Murray-Darling Basin in Australia.

Does Alberta have intensive or extensive farming?

Extensive farming is found in the prairie provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba), the interior of British Columbia’s southern region, and areas on Quebec and Ontario situated farther from major cities. This includes mixed farming, cattle farming, grain, and oil seed growing.

Why is intensive farming expensive?

Yes, intensive farming is much more expensive than extensive farming. It is located near the market and in a densely populated region, which is but obvious to make it expensive. Intensive farming produces much more output than extensive farming in per hectare.

What are the disadvantages of intensive farming?

DisadvantagesA large number of fertilizers and pesticides are used, which may result in increased pollution. Overcrowding of the livestock is another disadvantage of intensive farming.Research studies have indicated the fact that intensive farming has a considerable effect on environment.

What are the features of intensive farming?

Intensive Method of Agriculture # Characteristic Features:(i) Smaller Farm Size: … (ii) High Intensity of Labour Participation: … (iii) High Productivity: … (iv) Low Per Capita Output: … (v) Emphasis on Cereal: … (vi) Dependence on Climate: … (vii) Dependence on Soil: … (viii) Low Marketability:More items…

Is intensive farming?

Intensive farming or intensive agriculture is a kind of agriculture where a lot of money and labour are used to increase the yield that can be obtained per area of land. The use of large amounts of pesticides for crops, and of medication for animal stocks is common.

Is grape farming intensive or extensive?

Viticulture or grape cultivation is typical of the Medi terranean regions. It calls for a highly intensive form of farming. Not only good conditions of moisture, tempera ture and soil are required, but much personal care is also called for, if the grapes are to be of high quality.