Quick Answer: How Do I Pay My Cox Bill?

Can I pay my Cox bill late?

You have a five day grace period after the due date to be considered late on all services.

Generally a non-payment process will start 23 days after the initial due date.

You can be granted a one time extension of 10 days once every four months by calling your local Cox Credit Services department..

What is Cox Easy Pay?

Cox EasyPay is a safe, automatic, and recurrent payment program that allows you to have your bill paid automatically each month from a designated bank account or credit card.

Where can I pay my Cox cable bill in person?

If you are one of its cable, internet or telephone customers, you can easily pay your bills in person at a Money Services near you. Pay a visit one of the Kroger Family of Stores and you’ll find helpful Money Services associates ready to take your bill payment – whether you use cash or debit card.

How do I cancel my Cox cable bill?

Future dated payments for past due accounts cannot be cancelled.From the Cox.com homepage, click Sign In My Account.Sign in with your User ID and Password. … From the Customers drop-down at the top of the page complete the following. … Locate the scheduled payment and click Cancel.More items…

Is Cox customer service 24 hours?

Support is available 24/7/365 at 1-877-COX-ASST (1-877-269-2778).

How much is Cox late fee?

Late payment fees. Late payment of your Cox bill will result in a fee of up to $25. Additionally, returned payments may result in a fee of up to $25.

What happens if I don’t pay my Cox bill?

If your cable, Internet and/or home security services are electronically disabled due to nonpayment, residential accounts may be subject to an electronic reactivation fee of $20.00 to restore service. … These fees are billed per statement, and you may incur multiple fees if your services are billed separately.

Did Cox increase Internet speed?

Cox High Speed Internet customers that subscribe to the Premier package in these markets can now enjoy speeds up to 9 Mbps downstream and up to 1 Mbps upstream, a download speed up to 80% faster than before the upgrade.

How do I pay my Cox cable bill?

SolutionFrom the Cox.com homepage, click Sign In My Account.Enter your primary User ID and Password. … Under the Billing section, click the Make a payment button.Complete the following steps to enter your payment information. … To schedule your payment, complete the following steps.More items…

Can I pay my Cox bill in person?

We have a variety of walk-in locations and payment centers where you can pay your bill in person. At a Payment Center you may pay your bill with cash, check, money order, credit card, or debit card. To find the location nearest you, visit our Find a Cox Solutions Store page.

How many days does Cox give you to pay your bill?

30 daysBilling Cycle Cox bills for services 30 days at a time. You will receive a new bill from us approximately the same time each month. Depending on the number of days in the month, your payment due date may also be on or about the same date each month.

What is onetime payment?

A One-Time Payment is a fast and easy way to make a single, non-recurring payment toward your account. … A One-Time Payment is a fast and easy way to make a single, non-recurring payment toward your account. You can make a One-Time Payment towards your regular monthly payment or any supplementary payments.