Quick Answer: Does Verizon Have A Kids Watch?

Can I track phones on my Verizon account?

Verizon Smart Locator helps you keep track of what’s most important to you.

Attach a Verizon Smart Locator to an item, and then you can check that item’s location from your Android™ smartphone or iPhone® anytime with the Verizon Smart Locator Hub app..

How much is a gizmo per month?

GizmoWatch joins Verizon’s line-up of GizmoKids products which offers an array of items that range from its own GizmoTab to LG’s GizmoPal. It is priced at $179.99 and is available today online and in-store. LTE connectivity is priced at just $5 per month, half the amount of typical wearables through Verizon.

Can I read my child’s text messages Verizon?

No, Verizon Smart Family doesn’t enable you to view the content of your child’s texts. Nor does it allow you to view the pictures and videos on your child’s phone, or access the content of third-party messaging applications. Notes: Texts to and from iMessage do not appear in the text and activity feed.

Can 2 Gizmo watches call each other?

You’ll need to download and install the app on your phone to set up your Gizmo devices. Once they’re set up, you can use the app to: Speak with your child – Call your child’s Gizmo any time, and your child can call you. … Note: Set up a Gizmo Buddy to let 2 Gizmo Watches call and text each other.

Can I put a tracking device in my child?

Bottom line, if you are the legal guardian of a child under 18 you have the legal right to use a child tracker. For teens and adults with special needs or dementia, it is also legal as their guardian to use these devices that will help you know where they are and keep them safe.

What age is the gizmo watch for?

Verizon Wireless today announced the GizmoWatch, a second-generation smart wearable that targets children ages 3 to 11. The device is primarily meant to serve as a location tracker for parents.

What kids smart watches work with Verizon?

Here are the top 10 Verizon smartwatch for kids that you can consider. LG GizmoPal 2 VC110 Verizon Wireless Watch. … LG VC200 Gizmo Gadget Verizon Wireless. … Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Verizon Smartwatch for Kids. … Wear24 4G LTE Verizon Smartwatch for Kids. … Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Verizon Smartwatch SM-R730V 4G.More items…

Do you have to have Verizon to use a gizmo watch?

I don’t use Verizon, so do they have a “pay as you go” or prepaid service option? Answer: The Gizmo is a Verizon product.

How does Verizon GizmoWatch work?

It’s a $180 4G LTE-connected watch made for 3- to 11-year-old children. … Parents can also select up to 20 different text messages for the child to send. Everything is set up using Verizon’s GizmoHub app that also lets you locate your child at any time and alerts you if they travel outside a predetermined safety zone.

Can I track my child with Apple Watch?

Parents will be able to use their children’s smart watches to track their location via GPS and even monitor their exercise.

Can you put games on a gizmo watch?

No. The Gizmo Watch does not have games unless you count an exercise counter that can be set by the parent to challenge the child to be active through the day.

Does Verizon have a kid phone?

Today we’re talking about Verizon, specifically the carrier’s “Just Kids” cell phone plan. … The Verizon Just Kids plan allows parents to add a line of unlimited talk and text plan with 5GB of data to their account. This kids line can only communicate with up to 20 contacts, that you, as the parent, get to choose.

Can you text on a gizmo watch?

Text messages can be sent and received only between the watch and phone using the Gizmo app. When sent from the watch they can only consist of emoji, a brief audio message, or one of nine preset messages. These messages can be entered into the app and are limited to 30 characters.

What age should a kid get a phone at?

According to PewResearch Center, the average age is between 12 and 13, but when to get your child a cell phone is a personal decision, and can vary from kid to kid based on maturity and need. Before you decide to add your child to your family plan, ask yourself these questions. Why Does She Need It?

What is the best cell phone plan for a child?

Here are five of the best cell phone plans for kids and teens.Tello. Tello is a prepaid cell phone service provider with flexible plans and low rates – perfect for kids! … Ting. Ting is another excellent choice for those looking for the best cell phone plans for kids. … Twigby. … Mint Mobile. … Republic Wireless.