Question: What Has An Eye But Can Not See?

What has plenty of eyes but Cannot see plenty of ears but Cannot hear?

many dogs and cats born solid white have a coat linked deafness.

There are deaf white male cats, some jack russel terriers, Australian & mini Australian shepherds as well as other breeds are born deaf.

Hellen Keller had both eyes and ears but could neither see nor hear, so humans can make your list..

What can be lost but Cannot be returned?

What can be lost, but not returned? Answer: Life.

What do you answer even though it never asks you questions?

You answer me, but I never ask you a question. What am I? A telephone. This answer was marked as “needing improvement”, so here I am writing more words to be able to explain something simple.

What has two eyes but can’t see riddle?

Answer this riddle: Flat as a leaf, round as a ring, has two eyes, but can’t see a thing. Answer this riddle: He gets short when he gets old; He goes out then it gets cold.

What is always coming but never comes?

What is always coming but never arrives riddle answer. The one-word answer to this simple riddle is ‘Tomorrow’. Tomorrow never comes, but people always push back their plans and say that they will “do it tomorrow”. So tomorrow is always coming but it never actually arrives.

What has legs but Cannot walk?

A chair is an object which has four legs. It is used for the purpose of sitting on it. The legs of a chair provide it support. Although the four stands of a chair are called legs and if a chair has handles they are called arms yet the legs and arms of a chair cannot perform the functions of the human legs and arms.

What is boxing ring floor made of?

Surface of the ring floor The floor is covered with felt, rubber or other suitably approved material that is soft in quality and elasticity. It is not be less than 1.5cm and no more than 2.0cm thick. The canvas is made of non‑slip material and covers the entire platform. The canvas is coloured pantone blue 299.

Why do they call it the squared circle?

Combat sports originally took place in a circle. Eventually organizations decided to add support ropes to define the borders which ended up being a square. People just began referring to combat rings as squared circles.

What has an eye but no head?

Answer Expert Verified needle, cyclone, potato etc… have eye but no head….

What stays hot in the refrigerator?

The only heating element in a refrigerator is the defrost coil. If this coil remains energized, you have a faulty/stuck defrost timer.

Which ring is a square?

The first square ring was introduced by the Pugilistic Society in 1838. That ring was specified as 24 feet (7.3 m) square and bound by two ropes. For these and other reasons, the boxing ring is commonly referred to as the “squared circle”.

What are the 4 corners of a boxing ring called?

Boxing Ring Design A boxing ring is the space in which a boxing match is held. A modern ring, is set on a raised platform, it is square with a post at each corner to which four parallel rows of ropes are attached with a turnbuckle. Two of the corners are colored red and blue, belonging to a respective player.