Question: What Do The Lights On My V6 Box Mean?

What lights should be flashing on my router?

A blinking light means you are having difficulty connecting to the internet.

Ensure all telephone cable connections are tight and secure and reboot the modem and router (if applicable).

POWER: A solid green light indicates the unit is properly connected to power.

A blinking red light indicates a possible modem failure..

What do the lights mean on a router?

Power LED OffThe LEDs on your router indicate the status of the connection between your router and the devices that are connected to it. They also indicate the status of your Internet, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and WPS connections. Power LED. Off.

How many v6 boxes can I have?

You can get up to five additional set top boxes, so you can watch your favourite shows wherever you are in your home. You get all your channels on your additional boxes, too, so other people can watch different shows at the same time. Which means no more fighting over the remote!

Does resetting TiVo box lose recordings?

Restart the TiVo box/DVR: Shuts down the TiVo box and starts it up again. This will not affect recorded shows, OnePass/ Season Pass recordings, WishList searches, or TiVo Suggestions. You may need to restart your TiVo box as a routine troubleshooting step.

How do I reset my v6 box?

To reset it, you can use your Virgin remote to simply turn it off and if it isn’t responding because it’s frozen, you can hold the Standby button on the V6 box itself until it turns off. You can also do a full reset by turning it off using the power button at the back of the box and unplugging it from the power supply.

What does the v6 box do?

With six tuners, Virgin TV V6 box allows customers to record up to six channels at once, while watching a seventh recording – or, alternatively, record five channels while watching a live program.

How do I know which TiVo box I have?

TiVo model numbers are located on the back of the TiVo, in a white or silver square area, together with the TiVo service number.

How do I activate my v6 box?

Connect the power supply for your Virgin TV V6 box. Switch on at the mains socket and then use the switch at the back of your box to turn it on. You will see an amber light on the right hand front side of your box. When you see the Starting up screen, you can pull the tab out of your Virgin TV V6 remote.

Are v6 boxes wireless?

The V6 does have a wireless connection, so if you can’t connect directly to a router or the Superhub via a network cable, you can connect via wi-fi.

What do the lights on my virgin router mean?

The “Traffic” light: As with the Super Hub 2ac/2, the top light indicates if data is transmitted across the network. If it’s blinking blue or green, all’s well; if it’s dark, you’ve got an issue. The “Ready” light: This LED shows that you’re connected to the Virgin Media network and should be on 24/7.

Can I get a v6 box for free?

Virgin Media today announced it’s plan to upgrade existing customers to their new state of the art V6 box. … Customers who take a TV and broadband bundle will be able to upgrade their older set-top box for Virgin TV’s smallest, smartest and fastest V6 box at no additional cost and with no re-contract requirements.

What is the v6 box from Virgin?

What is the Virgin TV V6 exactly? The V6 is the latest set top box from Virgin Media. It contains all the functionality you get with a standard Virgin TiVo box, but adds loads of extra features, is easier to use and also looks considerably sleeker.