Question: Does Apple News Plus Include Wall Street Journal?

Is Apple news plus a good deal?

Apple’s $9.99-a-month news service is great if you like magazines and use Apple devices, but it leaves a lot of people out.

Apple News+ is great if you love magazines and reading on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

But it’s very locked down, requiring you to only read that content within Apple News on one of those products..

Can you download magazines on Apple news plus?

If you subscribe to Apple News+, you get access hundreds of magazines, popular newspapers, and premium digital publishers in the News app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. You can also download issues of magazines to your devices to read when you’re not connected to the Internet.

How can I get Apple News Plus for free?

This follows Apple giving a free 30-day trial when it originally launched the service. If you own an iPhone, Mac or iPad, simply go to the Apple News app on your device and hit the Apple New Plus tab. You should then see the latest offer.

How do I cancel Apple News subscription?

From the App StoreOpen the App Store app.Tap on your avatar in the upper right corner.Tap “Manage Subscriptions”Tap on the Apple News Plus subscription under the “Active” banner.Tap “Cancel Free Trial” (or “Cancel Subscription” if you’re already past the free trial)

Can you read back issues on Apple news plus?

Accessing Back Issues Through a Magazine’s Overview Page Open up ‌Apple News‌. Select the ‌Apple News‌+ section. Tap on any magazine that you want to read. Tap on the title of the magazine at the top of the app.

What does Apple News Plus include?

With a subscription to Apple News+, you can access hundreds of magazines, popular newspapers, and premium digital publishers in the News app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. If you use Family Sharing, everyone in your family will automatically have access to Apple News+ after you subscribe.

Does Apple News Plus include New York Times?

There’s a good chance that you won’t even have to add them to your favorites in order to see their content, though, as the landing page for Apple News+ includes default sections for From the Wall Street Journal and From the Los Angeles Times. The New York Times is not available through Apple News or News+.

Is Apple news worth the price?

If you really want to read The Wall Street Journal, then yes, Apple News Plus is the cheapest and best deal out there right now to do that. … Since Apple is offering a free trial for the first month, it’s relatively easy to discover for yourself if this is a service you’ll really want to use in the long run.

Is New York Times free on Apple news?

While Apple has had a tougher time getting publishers (including the Times) to sign on for its monthly News Plus subscription — which costs $9.99 per month and offers access to a variety of magazines and newspapers (including The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, Wired, and more) — the free …

Where are the magazines in Apple News Plus?

On your iPad or Mac, tap or click News+ in the sidebar, browse for a magazine in the categories at the top of the feed, then tap or click the FOLLOW button below the cover of the magazine. Or search for a magazine, then tap or click the Follow button next to the magazine.

Where are my downloaded magazines in Apple news?

Read downloaded magazines To read a downloaded magazine, go to My Magazines in the News+ feed. Or search for the magazine’s channel, tap or click the channel, then tap or click the downloaded issue.

Does Apple News Plus include Washington Post?

Apple announced the new service, which costs $9.99 a month, at its press event Monday. Apple News Plus does not include access to stories from The New York Times or The Washington Post.

What newspapers are included in Apple News +?

Apple News Plus includes access to more than 300 magazines, from highbrow journalism like The New Yorker to mass-market celebrity fare like People. But the service was only able to enlist three major newspapers — The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and the Toronto Star.